We Are One!

France is in talks to implement a digital strategy:
With power comes responsibility and internet and social media giants are beginning to realise and prepare for this and are beginning to take prompt action.
In many ways such companies are stepping up to the mark via safety checks and complying with orders where necessary.
These companies hold one major power, the power to connect, on a global level and, of course, this power can be manipulated in various ways and consequently wreak havoc.
These companies are almost on a level par with governments as they hold within their grasp the power to govern and control and this must not be taken lightly and handled with kid gloves.
It says a lot about a company if its members are willing to come to the table and pool their resources to negotiate and pursue a common goal in the interest of the wider public and in turn has the power to combat terrorism.
People are at the core of the internet and social media and such companies need to earn the trust and respect of the greater public and I have no doubt given the track record that the future in this respect is very promising.
I do not need to repeat or remind of the horror and devastation caused by the attacks in France. Instead we need to work together in a positive sense and bring about solutions as a collective and subsequently ensure that these terrorists and extremists will be defeated.
We are one, not zero. We are something, not nothing. We are everything, not anything.