Awaiting the Seven Wonders of ‘Digital-Architecture’…

The digital world is ubiquitous. Humans are ubiquitous. However, we need to get ‘smart’.
Smart cities are a good start in order to arrive at where we are heading.
Here are just a few things I came across recently:
Irish Yapping is a new app for Irish people to connect across the globe.

There are new innovations such as implanting electronic circuits in plants so that the plants can be watered and receive vital nutrients

Digital strategies are being worked on

Soon we will even be able to take it a step further with digital avatars after death

The world is moving fast. To quote Yoda from Star Wars:
‘The future is difficult to see because it is always in motion’.
We need to embrace the digital in all its forms.
People are viewing the digital from the wrong angle because they fear it.
The future has always been feared and has created anxiety particularly regarding new innovations.
People fear they will be replaced by robots. It may be the case in some aspects.
However, the market is changing owing to the digital.
A hub or a bandwagon?
The digital is a hub of wonder and excitement just waiting to be discovered and explored.
We need to get out of our rut and start to believe in the digital.
Experience Digitality and learn from it and share your experience with the world.
The world is watching. Make it interesting.
Fifty years from now, if we are still around, we will look back and think to ourselves
Wow, just wow, how did we not believe in digitality? What did we fear exactly?
Why did we fear it? Where can we go from here?
Youth is wasted on the young, you will hear this idiom time and time again, however, innovation is sometimes wasted on humanity as we must learn to appreciate it.
One day we will look at ‘Digital-Architecture’ and realise that there is such a thing as the Seven Digital Wonders of the World and it is ever increasing.
Make it happen. Be the idea. Live through the experience. Create something special to be shared.
For the first time ever we can globally connect our ideas with one another.
That is something truly special, mind-boggling and amazing.
Digital is you, me and us! But we must avoid creating a ‘them’ wherever possible.
It is an immersive sensory experience and it can only develop from here on out.
Work with our similarities, consolidate our interests and cross the divide of difference and learn to tolerate and accept these where needs be.
Before it was very difficult to know what others thought but now we can get a real understanding about how others think and feel about the world around them and what goes on in it.
I was a nineties child, a lover of encyclopaedias and books. Never did I imagine at twelve years old the power of the computer and the digital word! I began to discover this power in my late adolescence and since then of course.
How the world has changed so much in only a few years!
It’s beyond comprehension.
It is not about doing everything anymore but it is the power to do everything and holding the key to getting things done.
We cannot see certain things with the naked eye but use some technological tools and weapons and things change completely.
Our strength lies in the power of capabilities.
In hindsight we will realise that we have wasted a lot of time.
But it is a process and it does take time.
Can you imagine life without the digital? It’s a hard concept to fathom or swallow.
We are aware of its power now and there is no point of return.
We are encompassed by the digital.
We can be who we want. We can dream. We can do.
Next stop. Digiverse of Digitalsation. Are you ready?
I don’t think anybody can answer that truthfully.
Life is about the journey even if it has been virtualised.
I will leave you with some food for thought…a novel called Smog City by Rebecca McNutt:
“We’re losing society to apathy, to digital technology, the people who care about nobody else but themselves. They share every little detail of their stupid lives online as if the world even gives a damn… digital technology is getting smarter and society is getting dumber,” Mandy whispered in a voice filled with disbelief. “Society is… it’s slipping away.
But ask yourself, is it really?

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