Digital White Collar Crime!

It’s 2016 and I am back after an extended Christmas break!

What is bugging me today?

This new ruling in favour of employers:

Now I have an issue with this for the following reasons:

You are entitled to have and speak your own mind, your private thoughts are your private thoughts not that of your employer! Where’s freedom of speech gone?

Would your employer follow you into the bathroom or attempt to read your mind if devices would allow?

I think not!

If you are factored to work, how can you possibly prove you were on your break at the time you sent that message when in fact someone else may have sent it? We cannot possibly control what other people may send to us in the round of the day, and sometimes we do have to respond, if phones are not allowed then you may have to access social media messaging sites amongst others on technology provided by the workplace.

I understand that the idea is that you are there to work.  But many people are making use of social media messaging sites due to the extortionate pricing of messaging outside of such sites.  Many people are low-income earners in low paid jobs which exacerbates the problem.  Some might even believe that such low-income earners are slaving for multinationals who have contributed to bringing about this issue to begin with, the creation of a need for all these devices and related sites and now they want to add insult to injury by monitoring ordinary people going about their daily business trying to keep motivated through keeping in contact with people throughout parts of the day via messaging.

Need I remind that this new style model of multinational corporations and such have driven people away from those they genuinely care about, away from the simple life, rural people have been driven into the cities, that causes huge psychological problems and trauma, being removed from their natural setting not to mention people who have emigrated.  All for what?  A better life?  There is no such thing in this corporate driven gluttony and greed, taking people away from what matters to them and acting as a threat to them through monitoring and holding their job, the very thing they need to survive, over their heads.  The job that they have travelled huge distances to come by.

The digital is a new concept which has infiltrated every part of ourselves emotionally, physically, mentally, socially…

It is new. Enough studies have not yet been completed on the impact it can have.

But for many it acts as a comfort and solace.

To attempt to remove people from this digital world by monitoring them is outrageous. It is a form of digital white collar crime. Employees are people not machines! It is a violation of digital human rights if someone dared to concoct such a charter!

Decide for yourself.

That is all. Rant over.


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