Electioneering Fan Fiction….

It’s GE2046 and you’ve just been transported by Dr. Who from the world of 2016.

You’ve been tasked with following the political coverage of a number of Generation Z candidates but you’re having trouble keeping up!

There’s a range of parties, some of them include:







The data scene’s a mess (just like the olden days of economic crashes)!

Too much data is being stored in space, decisions have to be made of what is to be kept and what is to go! Should records pre-dating the millennium be destroyed? Or should a data limit be placed on individuals in relation to leisurely pursuits? The databankcentre’s reaching breaking point in relation to bitcoin processes! The European DBC and the American DBC are in talks to expand storage however they are fearful that black holes may be created in the process and there will be a mass data wipeout. Social Media sites could be shut down pending who gets in next! Such is life in a technocracy…If things don’t become resolved….is World War Web emanating on the horizon?

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