Eye(I)-in-a-speech-bubble is hopefully a step in the right direction. It has been designed in order to combat bullying online under the banner of I AM A WITNESS campaign. Whatever about the older generations who knew life before the onset of the world wide web in all its forms, young people know of nothing much else bar the screen they have become so familiar with. It is only right that their well-being is at the forefront in all they do. Without doubt the internet has become a platform for abuse, look to the end of certain journal articles on forums and you can see for yourself, or indeed any social networking website and its rants. This is the first step in the reimagined internet world in which we can all partake and enjoy. Exposure to high levels of abuse cannot be good for one’s health. There are better ways to deal with issues that people may be having in their personal lives. Eye-in-a-speech-bubble will help to highlight problem areas and we can begin to address these areas and develop solutions. Every website tends to segregate and separate what it does, however, perhaps it would be wiser to amalgamate. A have-your-say section on every website, a have-you-been-affected-any-issues raised on this website (like you have on national television programmes of a sensitive nature). People feel that they have become powerless in different situations and some reclaim this through the use of technology. But is this best practice? Will making something viral really bring about justice and right the wrongs? Have we created digi-vigi-justice, that is digital vigilante justice through memeifying and viralising everything? Sometimes it may get dragged into the formal justice system and used in evidence against the perpetrator, however, it usually is an informal way of dealing with issues wherever possible.

Should data have a shelf-life? Should data die? Do we really need to haunt ourselves daily with the past, something we said ten years ago resurfacing and may not reflect what we think today? Search FYI will prove to be a bone of contention making public posts searchable. I am sure that most people did not comprehend what this would have meant in the past. What about the implications of such a tool? Facebook has been seen to be a relatively private platform all along but now it is becoming very public within the site itself. Indeed some very interesting and embarrassing things could resurface from this yet. It may prove contentious on an international level and may require diplomatic assistance. One thing that could be recalled is the Thierry Henry sporting fiasco, there were a lot of angry Irish people at the time. This is just one example is the wider frame. And I’m sure that plenty of people out there would rather forget their past blunders in every shape and form. Particularly younger people, you will make plenty of mistakes while you are young, and is it the right thing to be punished for such mistakes? Something tells me that not everyone would agree. If there is one thing we have learned it is that we put our lives and others at risk sometimes in relation to technology, one prominent example is the Wanna-take-a-selfie-?(itis) phenomenon.

Selfies have taken over but why? There are plenty of psychological studies being carried out presently on this I am sure. In my opinion, the internet is like advertising and we have created ourselves in our own brand version to be liked and shared with the world. We only want to hear good things or we will unfriend you. We show our best sides and someone else will show you our worst (bit of competition, anyone?) We are the high flying executives who are at the mercy of big corporations, but we are so warped in our own technological and virtual worlds that we don’t fully understand what it is all about. We just want to get rich and famous quickly and have a good time when we can and let others know this (all the time). I have spoken to people and they find it ridiculing seeing people appearing to have a good time online. I can guarantee that many of them are lying through their teeth to sell their brand version of themselves. I want to be the funny go-to person that everybody loves but this just ain’t possible for everyone. There are very few people in the world that can love everybody and if they do it may suggest ignorance on their part.

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