Fall, fight or flight? You decide..

Dare to Dream
Dare to Dream

I found myself watching a programme last week that dealt with recruitment in the Irish Army on RTE and one phrase still resonates with me. ‘To make them you got to break them.’ Now this was of course the mentality that prevails in the army but it got me thinking. You never truly master anything in life unless you reach the pitfalls, grovel through the nitty gritty, fight the boredom and monotony, rise up to the challenges until finally reaching a crescendo. You can only reach the heights for so long before some upstart comes along and finds a quicker way of doing something that you have had to slog through your whole life.

Well that’s how I view this course (Digital Humanities) that others and I are about to embark on. There’s a journey ahead like the Irish Army recruits tasked overseas. It’s mind boggling yet exciting at first glance. The fight’s in you but will it remain after your first fall? Will you go AWOL or defend when attacked with assignments? Fight or flight syndrome is to be found EVERYWHERE. We got to break ourselves before we make ourselves. It’s a desert as well as a snowstorm out there and we have to learn to cope in all elements. This time twelve months, hopefully we will look back proudly and say to ourselves WE DID IT!

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