Let’s Cybernate! Cybrary Awareness.

Questions, questions, questions.
Are cybrarians the librarians of the future?
Are cybraries the new libraries?
Can a library and a cybrary work in conjunction with one another and apart?
How can we use the present classification library system, Dewey Decimal system to develop a new classification system?
Will cybraries become institutes of learning where people can become rekindled with what is the essence of learning?
Can we classify technology in terms of genre?
What is seen to be a good type of web page?
Is there any value attached to bad technology?
Do we archive, preserve and censor information?
Who will run the cybraries? For example, megacorporations like Google or now Alphabet?
Are cybraries free or do we pay subscription fees?
Do communities play a central and integral part and are inbuilt within the very framework?
Do companies have to remain closed off in their headquarters or will they move out into the community itself?
Can we experience every form of technology through these hypothetical centres or will we have to continue paying for independent gadgets which are unsustainable in terms of energy in the long-run?
Can we experience obsolete technology given how fast the pace is moving in the technological world?
How will we define regions, will everywhere become a smart city and on an equal footing or will it depend on population and technological infrastructure?
Can we learn by doing with the help of a cybrarian?
What are the rules of a cybrary?
How will the cybrarian enforce them?
Will people have to register for technology in future like that of a passport, in terms of digital and cyber citizenship?
Will passwords continue to remain in existence?
What qualities will be required for a cybrarian, a good hacker perhaps?
How will we design these Cybrary Centres?
Is there a time limit or time frame on cybraries, for example, like library opening times?
Can you borrow from a cybrary and how?
Will Higher Education Cybraries differ from Local Cybraries?
Who will own the cybrary, people or corporate syndicates?
How will cybraries serve the community?
What are the incentives to provide a good service to cybrary users?
Is there such a thing as cybrary health promotion?
Are the children and adults separated in the centres as they are at present in libraries?
What are the limits of a cybrary? Is there such a thing as copyright, intellectual property in terms of ICT, one example Creative Commons?
Will prisons in the future contain cybraries will prison cells be tech friendly?
Will cybraries feature in a technocracy?
Will there be cybrary representatives?
What are our digital rights and responsibilities?

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