Playing with tools…story tools :)

In my dissertation I hope to use some tools namely authoring tools to tell stories with the user/consumer at the centre of the design.  Basically the user/consumer will be able to direct the story.  As a child I loved to read stories and I always felt strongly about how the story should develop, this project would empower the person and allow them to input on how the story will unfold.  With the click of a button, the user is enabled to take charge of how their story will develop.  It is a more developed styled story engine.  This is an early attempt.  Please bear with me while I get to grips with the topic in question.

GIF version

This is the first web page of six using Elucidat. I have attempted to use this application as an authoring tool. As you will see there are two images one of a princess/ and the other a prince which will give the user an option in an interactive storytelling style format. This is repeated later on.


Again the user is faced with a range of options…


The user can then click along to discover what happens in this interactive story…


Each button contains a sentence..



And it continues..


And again…


The story continues on…this time with a splash box…


And it is again repeated…


Until it finally reaches the end/stage whereby the user/consumer can partake in the fiction themselves and finish the story inputting their own version of the tale…

This would help children and potentially adults to overcome writers block with the aid of structure and also would enrich and compliment the fan fiction that is already to be found on the internet…


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