Power, People, Peace and Paris

A restaurant, a concert and a stadium. People enjoying life, working hard yet finding a little time for leisurely pursuits. Eagles of death metal were playing and so were France and Germany in a high profiled soccer match. It was 13/11/2015. Friday the 13th, unlucky for some. NO. I want to scream right now at the people who did this, the people responsible for this carnage, this atrocity. But I will not. Instead I will approach this in a more civilised manner. You get what you give, everyone deserves a certain level of respect. But these people, in the words of President Obama, have ‘attacked humanity’. THEY HAVE KILLED. KILLED INNOCENT PEOPLE. Innocent people going about their daily lives. 127 people dead. And many more are injured and traumatised. There is no justification for this.

In the name of what… a rose lies perched on a window inside a bullet hole. We cannot condone this. There is likely to be a racial stance taken in the aftermath of this in the words of President Francois Hollande, this ‘act of war’. People will refuse point blank to try to grasp an understanding in some cases. And they are likely to paint people with the one brush. But there is something interesting happening right now in the aftermath of this massacre in Paris, that is, solidarity shown through social media. The power of this platform is astronomical and has stood in good stead in this hour of need. Acts of love, hope, courage, kindness and help are to be seen, attempting to restore our faith in humanity. Open doors, shaded profile pictures of the French flag, the peace symbol which included the Eiffel Tower as an integral part by Jean Jullien. And most importantly a safety feature to ensure families know that their loved ones are safe in the City of Love.

Social media has brought people together like never before on an international scale. It could have been anywhere. But last Friday it was Paris. Paris we are with you and you are with us.

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