Storage is the ‘dead art’ of data!

Has technology killed our imaginations or is it in the process of doing so? I believed that technology would trigger our thoughts, make us mentally active and fire up our imagination. But I have come to the idea that maybe it has the opposite effect. Technology can encourage laziness. You need not learn a new skill, there’s an app for that, somewhere! Why draw when you can duplicate?! Time and energy is saved but valuable skills are being lost! Think of the Wii games versus sports training in the flesh. It is great fun and encourages people to get active, however, the skills do not transfer from the Wii console to the field of sport! How much of an active role do you play in the time you spend online? Do you actively engage with the material? Do you create content? It is very easy to be a passive internet citizen, consuming every meme, image and piece of information in plain sight. But how do we enable creativity and fire up our imaginations online? Through storytelling! Creating stories is a craft and must be adapted for new technological mediums. There is plenty of information or data being mined for a variety of purposes, however, we need to make this information useful for the wider public. We need to make the data tell a story. Why should we bother? We need to make sense of the world of information which surrounds us. And by doing so we will make our lives easier and more beneficial. Think of a library. There are large numbers of libraries throughout the world filled with materials and books, each has a story to tell. The information is grouped, managed and organised collectively. Standards are set as to what materials and books are to be taken in, choices are made and first preferences are given. Following such a model will allow us to prevent laziness and intellectual staleness setting in. Making use of open data. The idea of Open Knowledge Ireland holds sway: “open data is the public library of the 21st century”. Will your data come alive and tell a story? Publish or perish was the old adage…the new is create content collaboratively for the world to openly interpret and visualise or become storage, the ‘dead art’ of data!


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